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Counselor & Energy Coach

Happy people know that personal growth is a part of life. Embracing growth puts us on a path with momentum.  My job is to help people grow in the fastest way possible. As a counselor, I understand the human psyche, and as an energy coach, I understand the nature of life.

By looking at what life is trying to tell you, you can shift your energy and ride the wave rather than constantly trying to swim upstream. Sometimes this means getting tossed around a little before you land on the shore. The alternative is avoidance, which is okay for a minute, but doesn’t lead to long-term happiness.

If you have a question about Coaching, send me an email! If you would like to explore a little first, download a copy of my Free Spirit Manifesto or read one of my books. Taking the Personal Energy Inventory is also a great way to assess the areas that need growth and the areas in which you are already creating happiness!


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