Author and Energy Coach

Life is pro-creation: In favor of extending itself.”

Growth is not optional – it is life’s way of keeping us fresh and vital. However, sometimes organic transformation is required in order to release that which no longer serves us and make space for continued growth. This principle of life applies to all of us. If we avoid the process of transformation for too long, we atrophy and end up feeling stale.

When we align ourselves and our organizations with the principles of nature and growth, we thrive. But transformation can be frightening. That’s why it’s often helpful to work with a coach who can offer an objective perspective while supporting your growth.

Energy is required for growth. If we are too depleted, we end up treading water and not getting anywhere. On the other hand, having energy allows you to tap into the vision you would like to create for your future and provides the inspiration to take the necessary action to get there. Please feel free to take the Personal Energy Inventory to see how you are managing your personal energy.


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