Energy Coaching

Energy Coaching is the fastest way to transform your life. It’s like pulling the exact string that allows the entire ball of yarn to untangle. Clearly identifying where you are losing energy and why allows you to reclaim your power and direct it toward your goals.

The reason energy coaching works so rapidly is because deep down you already know what you need to do to get to the next level and experience inner peace. My perspective and intuition combined with your perspective and intuition often results in the validation, clarity and conviction that you need in order to feel good about making a change.

Because of my training as a counselor, I am able to combine the key elements of psychology with universal spiritual principles and intuition to help you most effectively move toward your highest life. Often times it only takes one or two sessions to get the clarity you need for continued personal growth.

If you are experiencing difficulties in a relationship, couples coaching can help you identify and transform the energy dynamics that are preventing you from experiencing the kind of love that you desire.

You are designed to be energetic, vital and inspired, so don’t waste a second of your life feeling stuck or frustrated. Please feel free to take my Personal Energy Inventory to assess your energetic health on every level.

How to Move Forward

I invite you to email me at with any question that you may have about the coaching process. Coaching is a very personal and working with someone that you connect with is essential.

  • 30 Minute sessions are available for $95.
  • 45 Minute sessions are available for $135.
  • 60 Minute sessions are available for $180.

Sessions are available via phone or virtually over Skype or FaceTime, and are paid in advance with credit card or check. Please call 480-443-0840 or send me an email to schedule an appointment.

A 24-hour notice is required to reschedule or cancel an appointment. On-site coaching is available. On-site coaching fees depend upon location and duration of session.